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What we do: is an online photo development service. Our mission is keeping the website user friendly and simple. More over, safety of transaction (Security) and privacy of our customers are of utter most importance. Of course, developing the best quality picture is something that is never compromised at Our Web site,, gives users of digital camera a new and easier way to develop and receive their pictures right at their door step.

How we started: was founded in February 2003 in Toronto, Canada by Nima Rafizadeh. It was Nima's passion for digital photography and his frustration over the difficulty of getting high-quality prints that set him on a quest to deliver an efficient and convenient way to develop and print high quality digital pictures. Now can deliver great service right to your door step!

Our Objective:
To create a website for users of digital camera, enabling them to submit their favourite pictures to the site and receive the high quality prints (hard copy) of their pictures in the mail.

Why we think our services are so Fantastic:
It’s important to consider first, why people buy digital cameras; well:

• Save Time and Money
• See Photos Instantly
• Store Photos Electronically
• Share Photos
• Enhancing Images

With digital cameras, there's no need for film, negatives or processing, Just transferring the best shots directly from camera to computer. Second point is that all users can see photos immediately while they're still in the camera. Thus they can take photos until they get the best shots, save the good ones and erase the rest. Third point is saving photos by transferring them from the removable media or internal memory directly to your computer or to your personal online albums. It can also be saved on a floppy disk or CD-R. Fourth point is the ability to attach digital photos to emails or creating photo postcards. The last point is that with digital cameras one can improve and enhance images, getting rid of the “red eye” and blemishing pictures to make them more LIKE THE USER WISHES...

So with all the advantages of the digital camera, users still miss having a hard copy of their images. Why?
• Hard Drive Space Restrictions
• Must Have a CR or CR
• Could Easily Get Deleted/Damaged
• High Cost of Printers
• High Cost Per Print/High Cost Per Page

Digital images will never replace the actual physical pictures. Digital images could get deleted easily by mistake and organizing them is not always an easy task. There is no question that with digital cameras one can take fantastic pictures, but it’s also important to preserve your images in hard copy format. Your pictures deserve a picture frame!

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