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Security» Security at

Protecting the Security and Privacy of our customers is something that is never compromised at

For your security, uses InternetSecure to process all transactions. We go to great lengths to protect your personal data and create a comfortable online shopping experience at

Here are some of the security measurements that internetsecure takes to also protect your information:

Security You Can Trust

The most critical facet of electronic commerce is security.

InternetSecure provides a worry free environment that minimizes your business risk and gives your customers the confidence to buy from your site.

Consumers are spending more and more money on-line, but they require constant reassurance that their transactions are secure and that their credit information is safe. InternetSecure goes to great lengths to protect transaction data and to create the level of comfort desired the customers.

Verified by Visa
Verified by Visa is a simple password verification process that protects your business from losses due to "Chargebacks". This is a STANDARD feature for InternetSecure Merchants.

Visa Account Information Security Audit
In the age of identity theft, the Visa AIS Program is a stringent measure designed to protect customer data. InternetSecure has passed the Visa AIS Audit, protecting your business from the liability of maintaining the security of your customer's personal information.

Visa CVV2, MasterCard CVC2, Amex CID
This is a 3 or 4 digit value that appears on the signature stripe on the back of credit cards. It is intended to confirm that the buyer has the physical card in their possession at the time they are completing the purchase.

Address Verification Service
Your customers billing address is compared to that which their bank has on file.

Secure Web Server
InternetSecure employs redundant Servers using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption for the secure exchange of data between your customers and the InternetSecure Payment Engine. The system supports both 40bit and 128bit SSL encryption on virtually all browsers.

The InternetSecure transaction system resides behind a dedicated Firewall running on redundant servers utilizing co-location facilities. This protects the InternetSecure transaction system and the data passing through.

InternetSecure's Risk Management System
InternetSecure's Risk Management includes protection against fraudulent credit card number generators, 'Web Page Hacking' to alter prices, redundant accidental transactions, and much much more. This ensures that your business only deals with valid orders.

No Transmitted Credit Card Numbers
The nature of the InternetSecure system means that you never need to ask your clients for their credit card information. Only InternetSecure receives this information. This removes your concerns and your customers' concerns regarding the security of credit card numbers after the transaction and saves you thousands of dollars in compliance with the Visa Account Information Security Program

Private Processing Network
Once InternetSecure receives all required information from your customer, the transaction is processed with the banks over private digital lines, not back out over the Internet.

Our methods combine the best of traditional electronic transaction security, the most sophisticated TCP/IP network and Internet web security, and a customized extended security and risk management suite built on our experience. No other real time Internet processing system offers our levels of consumer and merchant comfort.





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